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About the Company

The biggest grab from ORTS. A salvage grab working in the Suez Canal. 115t dead weight.

About us

The company "S.F. Orts Engineering" started 1972 as an engineer and consulting office, specialised in construction of grabs and other maritime transport equipment.

1985 the workshop for the production was founded and the name changed to ORTS GmbH Maschinenfabrik.

Worldwide unique constructions, e.g. a swimming oil salvage grab for recovering raw-oil from the water after accidents and the first grab with enclosed clamshells in 1980's.

In 1995 the radio controlled diesel hydraulic clamshell grab was constructed. Over the years it became a reliable and fast bucket, working with every kind of crane and gives high flexibility to the owner. Some customers call the ORTS diesel hydraulic grabs their "working horses".

Grabs from ORTS are the most valued equipment. Spare parts for 30 year old grabs are still delivered to customers. Counted over the life-time our grabs are the best-priced buckets. Reliable, most efficient, high payload, powerful and with low spare part consumption.

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