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Shipping & Port

The “best link between ship and shore” for the vessel and the receiver are ORTS 2-clamshell and orange- peel GRABS. You can get them as rope-grabs or motor-grabs. The independent working ORTS motor-grabs with radio control do meet of course the EU- emission standards.

The independent working, fully radio controlled diesel hydraulic grabs from ORTS enables you to operate in every port with your own grabs.

No external power supply, no cable, no stop of operation during low tide / ebb.

Fast and reliable discharge.

For all kind of dry bulk cargo

ORTS grabs are the reliable, effective and long-life equipment for: Coal, ore, grain, clinker, fertiliser, sand, split, HBI/DRI, rocks, pig iron, scrap, limestone and wood/timber. The grab type, motor driven or mechanical with rope, depends on the crane you have available.

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